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Cuddle Your Pets with Less Mess with a Comfortable Pet Lap Blanket, the exclusive retailer of the multiple patents pending Comfortable Pet Lap Blanket, has officially launched. Being the only one of its kind available on the market, this blanket offers full front coverage that keep outfits free of pet hair and dander. Two side lap-extension pieces provide extra surface area outside the lap or become a pet blanket when folded over an animal.

The innovative and unique Comfortable Pet Lap Blanket is now available at Launched in August 2011, Comfortable Pet maintains its focus in offering products that will enhance a casual and caring bond between an owner and their pet.

For a more cozy and clean way to cuddle pets that shed, the multiple patent pending Comfortable Pet Lap Blanket is an option that is affordable and easy to use. The unique design protects owners clothing even as pets are completely sprawled out. The lap blanket is similar in design to an apron with a neck piece to be placed over the head, a 2’ X 4’ front panel, and two side extensions that measure 2’ X 2’. Throw the lap blanket on over work clothes and give a pet a quick hug and kiss before heading to the office, thus avoiding having to deal with a sticky, and ultimately ineffectual, lint roller. When settling down for a movie put on the blanket so a pet can cuddle up or lie beside its owner without getting pet hairs on the sofa. For an extra snuggly feel, use the side flaps as a blanket to wrap around a pet to make them feel safe and secure.

The idea for the blanket was based on simple and basic needs of many pet owners. Animal lovers have the desire to nurture and care for their pets while maintaining cleanliness. During those times when a pet is sick or an owner is in attire that is not conducive to cuddling with a pet, simply wear the Comfortable Pet Lap Blanket to be cozy and clean at the same time.

Each lap blanket is made in the U.S.A. with 100 percent fleece microfiber. Not only is the fabric soft and supple, it is also machine washable (cold water, tumble dry low). Three color choices are offered: black, red, and blue, for a low price of .95 a piece, with a budget-friendly flat rate for shipping anywhere in the U.S.

“The Comfortable Pet Lap Blanket is clearly a result of the ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ theory. The Comfortable Pet Lap Blanket has been thoughtfully designed for pet owners who love their lap dog (or cat) but can do without the hair, dander, and everything else that ends up on your clothes, couch, etc after spending quality one on one moments with your furry friend. A great idea!” wrote an enthusiastic customer.

Customer service is of the utmost importance at Feedback is always welcome and a friendly, knowledgeable staff member will respond to any queries in a timely manner. is grateful for customers’ patronage and hopes the Comfortable Pet Lap Blanket will bring owners and pets abundant joy.

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Posted On: Lynnwood, Washington September 13, 2011

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