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Dental Health Month is Time to Check Your Pet’s Teeth Too

Dental Health Month is Time to Check Your Pet’s Teeth Too

The Wells Branch and South Branch Pet and Bird Clinics of Austin, TX, advise owners to look after their pet’s oral health this month.

National Children’s Dental Health Month starts February 1st across the United States.

Dental health is important not only to our children but to the millions of dogs and cats across the country whose owners view them as their children. The Wells Branch Pet and Bird Clinic and South Branch Pet and Bird Clinic are again using the occasion of Dental Health Month to remind pet owners that their dog’s or cat’s teeth need to be cared for.

Oral health is a necessity for pets. Gum disease and other problems can be an indicator of future major health problems. While it is recommended that pet owners have a regular dental care regimen for their beloved animals, they should at least inspect their pet’s teeth on a regular basis. Information on how to start a routine of teeth brushing along with other dental health tips is on the Pet and Bird Clinic website.

Pet owners should regularly inspect their pet’s teeth to ensure none of the following conditions exist:

  • misaligned or missing teeth
  • discolored, broken or crooked teeth
  • yellowish-brown tartar crust along the gum line
  • red, swollen or bleeding gums
  • growths inside the mouth
  • excessive drooling
  • bad breath

If any of these are present, owners should consult their veterinarian right away.

Both Wells Branch and South Branch Pet and Bird clinics are offering a 20% discount on pet teeth cleaning for dogs and cats until February 28th in honor of Dental Health month. During the cleaning, our veterinarians will scale (remove) the plaque and tartar on both the surface of the teeth and below the gum line. This will help keep the teeth clean and the mouth free of infection. It will increase quality of life for a much-loved pet.

For more information or questions on pet dental health, contact the Pet and Bird Clinics of Austin.

Wells Branch Pet & Bird Clinic

12202 Mo-Pac Expressway

Austin, TX 78758


South Branch Pet & Bird Clinic

403 E. Ben White Ste. F

Austin, TX 78704


Posted On: Austin, TX January 31, 2014

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