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Dogtra Collars Reviewed For Ruggedness and Durability

Dogtra Collars Reviewed For Ruggedness and Durability

Electronic Training Equipment for Dogs

This is a full review of the brands as I have reviewed each separately as well.

This type of electronic training equipment for dogs is perfect for the home owner as well as specializing in the hunting series for dogs.
I will touch on the basic and go into the hunting lines:

Dogtra 175ncp – this is the basic starter collar with the shortest range of 400 yards. The collar is waterproof with a water resistant transmitter.

200ncp model – this is the most popular model because it has a longer range but is still priced low enough to afford and is a starter model for many hunters. Although the transmitter is still water resistant.

Electronic Training Equipment for Dogs

Dogtra 280ncp – this is one of the newer in the line from Dogtra. This collar features a 1/2 mile range and a new LCD screen which shows the level you are training and the batter line remaining. This has a low to medium power available.

1900ncp proline – this is also a new pro line for mild mannered to stubborn dogs. It has the same features as the 280 except is a low to high power stimulation available. This is a great device for use with hunting dogs.


This review is from: Dogtra 1900NCP Field Star 1/2 mile Training Collar Single Dog (Misc.)

I will try and keep this short but I have a thousand good things to say about this product. I have a 15 month old German Shepherd puppy that is roughly 80lbs. He is stubborn and really loves to ‘test’ me. His energy level is what you’d expect for a dog of his age and his size times seventeen. He cannot be satiated by a walk and I can’t run with him everyday due to knee problems. I have a nearby field where he could run and play if he was just able to heel when someone else came onto the field or walked by. He is extremely nice but most people freak out (which is expected when a GSD is charging at you) if he approaches them. I couldn’t risk him jumping up on someone so we normally just took short walks and I dealt with his energy accordingly.

I read the reviews here and bit the bullet after swallowing what seemed like a bitter $200+ pill. Boy was I wrong! I took my dog out once. One time. Just a single outing with this thing and his demeanor changed EVEN at home…

1800NC – this is a specialty collar made for the hunter who has multiple dogs and needs a transmitter to control all collars at one time.  You can choose the number of collars needed 2, 4 or even 6 if you need them and when switch the control on only one transmitter.Read More…

Electronic Training Equipment for Dogs

Dogtra 2500T&B – this is the ultimate and maybe best hunting and training system. It has the train and beep without the dog wearing an awkward device on top of this head. This has a 1 mile range and everything is fully waterproof.

The brand also carried remote release with the collars for bird release training when you decide to release. Also bird launchers are available as well.

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