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Halloween for You and Your Pets  in Pet

Halloween for You and Your Pets in Pet

Halloween is based around the fun of gorging on chocolate and people wearing funny outfits. There’s no harm celebrating this ghoulish day with your best furry friend, just make sure you take some precautions to keep them safe and comfortable. Although it is definitely harmless to buy a fun costume for them to show off for your friends, but they must not join in on the eating of sugary sweets. Even when you feel like you’ve eaten more than you could have imagined, don’t be tempted to drop some on the floor for Mr. Waggy tail. Trust me he doesn’t know what’s in it and is much better off eating a pet treats.

Pumpkins should also be kept away for cheeky chewers, since it’s not in their regular diet it can also cause some stomach upsets. You should also take care not to leave them in awkward positions with lighted candles because a curious nose can easily get burned. You should also be weary of having your pumpkin accidently knocked over with a candle, which could cause a fire.

Chocolate can be especially harmful to dogs and cats, more dangerous than others baking chocolate often used in homemade treats and dark chocolate are practically poison for a healthy pet. Other sweets which contain an artificial sweetener Xylitol is also very bad for your pets, so do all you can to keep the trick-or-treat basket well out of your pets reach. Specially made pet chocolate.

Costumes can be great fun, but make sure you’re not forcing anything upon your companion. If they are truly uncomfortable you may be hurt them by making them stressed. If they are happy to wear something make sure it is the right size. Be sure to do a dress rehearsal, making sure it doesn’t cover their ears and their ability to hear. Also be sure it doesn’t restrict their movements or hamper their ability to breathe, bark or meow. If you see your pet is seriously not comfortable do not make them wear anything, with a fight or flight reflex you could force them into making a drastic attempt to run away or escape their costume causing an injury.

Avoid using make-up or hair dye on your pets. Paints could be toxic and irritate their skin, they could also be licked off and also cause stomach problems. Be careful about lose ends or things hanging off of the outfits because they could be chewed off and cause a choking hazard. If it’s too big the material could become snagged and trap your beloved pet, just make sure you use costumes with caution.

Be aware of your pets location. A lot of people see Halloween as an opportunity to be very mischievous. To avoid your pet being at the end of a nasty Halloween trick or terrorized by the screams and howls of over excited kids, keep your pets inside. You’ll know they are safe and they will feel calmer if they are surrounded by their home comforts. Without understanding the delicate nature of your animal, people could can them serious stress by being loud and unruly.

Whether you are having a party or just expecting some local trick-or-treaters you must make sure your pet is feels relaxed and happy. Having a lot of strangers approaching your house can cause pets to become stressed, so make sure you have them secured in a room until things settle down a bit. Be sure to provide them with food, water and adequate toilet options. If you have people over tell your guests about your pets needs and the negative effects Halloween can have on them. A well-meaning friend might not realize the pain they are causing your pet by slipping him some chocolate.

Halloween can be enjoyed by all animals, spirits and of course witches and zombies; just make sure you have fun, be safe and sensible.


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