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Sportdog Training Collars Reviews – Which Model Is The Collar For Me?

Sportdog Training Collars Reviews – Which Model Is The Collar For Me?

There are several models of dog training shock collars on the market today, and one of the most respected and well-known brands is Sportdog. Sportdog has several different training collars available that appeal to different situations, so before deciding on a collar, make sure you do your research. This will make sure you don’t buy more collar than you need or buy less collar than you need.

Sportdog Training Collars Reviews – The Sportdog SD-425 Field Trainer

The best selling Sportdog training collar is the Sportdog SD-425 Field Trainer. This is because it is an appropriate model for the average homeowner who isn’t interested in hunting, but only wants an  training collar for home use. It is also a nice entry level model for hunters who are just beginning to utilize dog training collars as part of their hunting strategy.

The SD-425 is affordable and reliable, and this is also part of the appeal. It has a range of 500 yards, and can be used to train 3 dogs at once with the purchase of additional collars. The transmitter and receiver collar are both powered by a rechargeable li-Ion battery, which means you won’t have to worry about purchasing expensive batteries when they run down. The transmitter and receiver are also waterproof and submersible to 25 feet, so if you do any hunting in water, you should be fine.

The SD-425 comes with 7 modes of operation, 7 levels of continuous stimulation, and 7 levels of momentary stimulation, and you have the option to use stimulation, tone or vibration when issuing corrections.

For those who have stubborn dogs who are resistant to the stimulation delivered by the SD-425, there is a SD-425S version of that is designed with stubborn dogs in mind, and delivers a little more power at each correction level to hopefully get your dog’s attention.

Bottom line, the SD-425 is an excellent choice.

Sportdog Training Collars Reviews – The Sportdog SD-825 SporthunterTrainer

For those who need a little more range, another favorite among hunters and homeowners is the Sportdog SD-825 Sporthunter Trainer. Features are almost identical to that of the Sportdog SD-425. The only key difference is the extended coverage, which covers a whopping half mile for the SD-825 versus 500 yards for the SD-425.

The SD-825 is another excellent choice, but if you don’t need the extra coverage, go with the SD-425. There’s no point in paying the extra cost for the SD-825 if you don’t need it.

Sportdog Training Collars Reviews – The Sportdog SD-1825 Dog Training Collar

I have to admit, this is my favorite dog training collar, and is the only one I use currently. It’s more expensive than either of the two previous models,and is designed for the serious hunter. This collar has a range of up to one mile, and you can control and train up to 6  dogs at once. Because of these extra features and the extra $100 cost, this collar would be major overkill for the average homeowner, so they should consider one of the three earlier models I discussed.

In closing, if you’re in need of a dog training collar for hunting or home use, you can’t go wrong with Sportdog. Choose one of the models discussed earlier, and you’ll be training your dog in no time.

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