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This Valentine’s Day Make It All About You, Says Author Janice Holly Booth

This Valentine’s Day Make It All About You, Says Author Janice Holly Booth

Want to re-invent your life but don’t know how? Bestselling book, “Only Pack What You Can Carry,” reveals four key essentials to life’s journey that will inspire your path to a fulfilling life.

It’s a mid-life story all-too-common: we get stuck in the ruts of career, family, debt and other obligations and our youthful aspirations feel like long-gone dreams. But it doesn’t have to be that way, insists best-selling author Janice Holly Booth, whose inspirational book “Only Pack What You Can Carry,” reveals her path to creating a rich life full of adventure and discovery and inspires others to do the same.

“Only Pack What You Can Carry,” (National Geographic) is Booth’s own story of a decade of solo adventure travel and the ways in which it changed her. “I had a hundred fears when I started,” she says, “including a fear of heights and the edge,” yet Booth pushed herself to experience life on the edge, including a stint at trapeze school, canyoneering in southern Utah, paragliding off the Coast mountains in Canada, and a humorous dog sledding adventure in Minnesota.

But “Only Pack What You Can Carry” isn’t just for travelers and it isn’t about chasing an adrenalin rush, insists Booth, who discovered what she calls “the four key essentials” to life’s journey over the course of 10 years travelling alone. The book reveals those four keys and how any person can apply them to their life, whether they’re a risk-taker or not.

“I’ve received letters from hundreds of men and women who’ve told me the book changed their lives,” says Booth, who is an international speaker as well as an author. “Even though the book chronicles my adventures – and misadventures! – it’s really very personal to each reader. In fact, many readers tell me they felt as though I had written the book just for them.”

Only Pack What You Can Carry” makes a memorable Valentine’s Day gift. It is available in hard cover and e-book formats and is available wherever books are sold.

BIO: Born in British Columbia, Janice Holly Booth is also the author of the #1 Amazon bestseller “A Voice out of Nowhere.” She holds a master’s degree in Leadership and spent 20 years as a non-profit CEO before becoming a full-time writer and speaker. She currently lives near Charlotte, North Carolina.

Posted On: Charlotte, North Carolina February 12, 2014

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