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What is a good natural/fresh dog food recipe for optimal health?

What is a good natural/fresh dog food recipe for optimal health?

I have two dogs that I am considering feeding a natural/fresh food diet rather than store bought dog food but have no idea how to start. I want them to get all the appropriate nutrients and need to know appropriate serving sizes. One of the boys is a 105lb. Chocolate Lab. The other is a 52lb. Lab/Saluki mix. I would really appreciate answers from vetrinarians or other dog care professional who are familiar with the nutritional needs of these breeds.

Chosen Answer:

The ultimate food would be a whole carcass but a ‘frankenprey’ diet of meat, meaty bones and organs is nearly as good.

I have been raw feeding for several years and my animals eat a variety of foods; beef, lamb, chicken, fish (fresh and tinned), goat, pork, kangaroo etc. If you aim to feed about 2/3 muscle/meat (including heart) and the rest a combination of meaty bones and organs like brains, liver and kidney over the course of a week or two then your dogs (ALL BREEDS) will get all the nutrients they need. The only supplement you need to use is fish body oil if you can’t get pasture raised meats.

The general guide is to either feed 15-25% of the dog’s body weight a week or 2-3% a day. I would start your lab on about 2.5 lbs and the mix on about 1.25 (this is about 2.5%) adjust these amounts up or down based on the appearance of your dogs.

“Dogs are Carnivores” An article clearly explaining the physiological reasons behind this classification and the effects of feeding inappropriate foods…
A feeding guide published by Dr Tom Lonsdale, a vet who advocates raw feeding and has been widely published…
A website debunking some of the many myths regarding raw feeding and bones.
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on: 6th October 09

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