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What To Look For When Seeking Outdoor Dog Kennels For Sale

What To Look For When Seeking Outdoor Dog Kennels For Sale

Many people seeking outdoor dog kennels for sale are not fully aware of what is needed to keep a dog comfortable, safe and happy. If you have a dog or wish to have a dog, it is important that you consider your reasons for keeping a dog and understand that the dog depends upon you completely for its safety and well-being. All dogs want to spend quality time with their people, so it is important to realize that even the best equipped outdoor dog kennel should not be inhabited 24/7. Nonetheless, purchasing a high quality outdoor dog kennel is a good way to provide your pet with a safe, secure outdoor environment on nice days and during times when you are away and do not wish to leave your dog inside.

When seeking outdoor dog kennels for sale, it is important that you look for a sturdy, high quality style of kennel that will contain your dog safely and provide protection from the elements. Your dog kennel should be made of a strong material such as cyclone fence panels that will keep your dog in and keep predators and loose dogs out. You should plan to set your kennel up in an area that has good shade. If shade is sparse, be sure to purchase a kennel that comes with a shade cover. Alternately, you can purchase this separately or construct a shade structure over the kennel.

You will also want to be sure your outdoor dog kennel is dig-proof. You can do this by sinking the sides of it a foot or so deep into the earth, but this is not an absolute guarantee that a big or energetic dog won’t dig out. Another alternative is to set the kennel up on concrete or wood decking. This also makes clean-up much easier since you can hose down the area after picking up droppings.

Your dog will also need protection from the elements and from the damp, cold ground or from the hard concrete or wooden flooring. Be sure to provide your dog with a good house inside the kennel. This can be a resin igloo type house or a traditional wooden dog house. Be sure that the floor of the house is up off the ground by about six inches to prevent water from getting in if it rains. Dog houses with a small “hall” at the entrance keep the wind and rain out better than houses that simply have an opening onto the elements. Be sure to get a flap for the dog house door for even more protection.

You may see some outdoor dog kennels that have built in food and water dishes. These are usually attached to one wall of the kennel and can be removed for cleaning. Built in dishes are good because they cannot be turned over, so your dog will not go without water or spill his or her food onto the ground. If the kennel you purchase does not have built in dishes, you can use wire or bungee cords to secure your dog’s dishes in the corners of the kennel.

There are lots of choices available today in outdoor dog kennels for sale. By keeping your dog’s safety, security, comfort and happiness in mind you can be sure of making the best choice possible.

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