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Wondering Where to Buy a Dog House? Buy the Best Home for Your Pet at Amazon

Wondering Where to Buy a Dog House? Buy the Best Home for Your Pet at Amazon

Looking for the perfect doghouse for your pet? There are several details to consider when choosing a place your dog can call home such as size, style or design and type of materials used. If you don’t have the time and skill to make a customized it, then you have to decide where to buy a dog house. You have two options: you can visit your local pet store or you can order online. You may even be surprised that it’s cheaper and more convenient to get your product online and have it delivered right at your doorstep. If you want to get the best deal and have plenty of designs to choose from, you should consider getting your pet’s house online. Choose only reliable online websites where you can get quality products at a bargain price such as Amazon; you can even get your order delivered as soon as possible with free shipping for selected products. You will be spoiled for choice at the online store with hundreds of dog house designs available from top-of-the-line manufacturers. At Amazon you can choose from different designs by known dog house makers such as Our Pet, Suncast, New Age Pet, K & H and other brands.



Where to Buy a Dog House

Here are some of the products available at the site with the best deal:


Suncast DH250 Dog House – This tan resin Suncast dog house is stylish and easy to assemble. It will keep your pet warm, comfortable and safe. The built-in vents facilitate good air circulation inside your pet’s abode. The crowned floor design keeps the inside of the dog house dry because of the channel that catches water. It is good for dogs up to 70 pounds. It also comes with a vinyl door. This dog house is available at a bargain price of $50 at Amazon and can be shipped for free with the Super Saver shipping…Read More…

This review is from: Suncast DH250 Dog House (Misc.)

I bought this because I figured for the cost it should have been a good house and was more appealing to the eye than many of the other plastic houses. I have to agree that this house is not what it is advertised to be. The floor is not only weak and thin but actually 2 pieces that snap together on a hinge/slide seam that leave a gaps where the tabs are and are far from producing a seam that has any potential for keeping moisture out. The floor is so thin and low(1/4″) even the slightest puddle would start to seep in. The whole house is of thin plastic and would provide moisture protection from rain or snow(unless it floods)but little to no potential for heat build up in cold weather. We had no moving problems once assembled as previously mentioned though. You just have to make sure that all the tabs are fully seated. This might be ok in a garage or something, but not really for outdoors due to the floor situation and thin plastic. I had to send this one back – I send very few… Read More…


Petmate Indigo Dog Home– This Igloo-shaped dog house provides a roomy space for your dog and can be assembled in a jiffy. It has an extended doorway feature for added space to protect your pet from wind and rain plus adjustable top ventilation. It is made of construction foam which keeps the inside cool in the summer and warm during winter. Where to buy a dog house like this? It is on sale online at Amazon for $84.99 from a list price of $143.39.

This review is from: Petmate Indigo Dog House with Microban, Medium, Taupe Top, Black Bottom (Misc.)I bought this for the 3-4 cats that live on my porch, for the winter. I also got the body-heat mat for the inside, and the door (I’m reviewing those on their own product pages).I have uploaded a picture of the medium dogloo (Indigo Dog Home) with the door, and my cat Katrina, so maybe you can get a visual idea about size. She is maybe 5# IF that, a normal sized housecat breed.I bought two of these, and they came together in the biggest box I’ve ever seen, holy cats! I didn’t even know carrier services could deliver boxes that big. Four normal adults could have fit crouching in it! Info about the product:

* I was pleased to see the bottom section is deep enough that I didn’t have to worry about rain ‘sliding’ into the doghouse, as my porch gets very puddle-ish in heavy rain.

* There is a vent area near the top back.

* There is no hole for the heater accessory, you have to drill one in the side of the cover, just fyi. (Purchase… Read More…

 Where to Buy a Dog House

Merry Pet MPS002 Wood Room with a View Pet House -If you have a small pet, this dog house will be just right for him. It is a durable and made of kiln-dried cedar and painted with natural color stains. The product is easy to assemble and comes with hardware and instructions. Your pet will love the balcony with durable side steps and latticework. It is comfortable and provides enough space for your pet whether you put it indoors or outdoors. It is available at Amazon for &92.94 and is eligible for free shipping with the Super Saver promo.

This review is from: Small Size Room With A View Cedar Brown Wood Pet House by Merry Products (Misc.)

Found this at hayneedle for about $80 with free shipping. Got two in the small size – one for each of my 15-pound dogs. Must say I was pleasantly surprised when the boxes arrived. Well packed…instructions well written with easy to understand diagrams. It took me 30 minutes to put both houses together with a cordless screwdriver. One caveat – this is a fair weather dog house. The roof deck is slatted – water drips right through into the interior so it’s not waterproof. Only time will tell if they’ll hold up against the elements, but for now, my pups love their houses. They can sun bathe on the roof deck or go into their houses to cool off. Read More…

Where to Buy a Dog House

There are more dog house designs to choose from at the Amazon online store. Always take time to read customer feedback to gain some idea on which product will make you and your pet happy. Deciding where to buy a dog house should be a stress-free task when doing it online at Amazon.

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